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Ophrys reinhardiorum

O. reinhardiorum was first described from north eastern Greece by Paulus in 2008 and is a member of the O. reinholdii  group of Ophrys. It was named by Professor Hannes Paulus in honour of his colleague and fellow orchidologist the late Hans. R. Reinhard.

This is a species that has been well known in northern Greece for many years and it was until recently considered to be simply a green sepalled variant of O. reinholdii. It has now been shown however that the two species do not share the same pollinator, with O. reinholdii being serviced by Eupavloskia obscura and O. reinhardiorum by Eupavloskia funeraria. Further study has also revealed that sepal colouration is not the sole morphological difference between these species and that there are several other differentiating characteristics which serve to separate them. Key amongst these is the fact that the flowers of O. reinhardiorum are noticeably smaller with a mean lip length that can be up to 25% shorter than the average 15 mm of O. reinholdii. As has already been referred to, the sepal colouration is the most immediate and contrasting dissimilarity and instead of the usually vivid pink/mauve of O. reinholdii, the newly described species is much duller being greenish and often with red shading that can appear very much like the sepal bicolouration present in the O. mammosa group.

This species is a late flowerer and is at its best in early May, though may still be found in June. O. reinholdii however, would normally be in complete decline when the former is in its prime. The first 10 photos come from the Elassona region to the south west of Mount Olympus in north eastern Greece. The final 3 pictures come from Cephalonia, which as far as is known depict a species previously unrecorded from this Ionian island.