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             OriginNeotinea, from V. Tineo a 19th century Sicilian botanist.                                                                                                                     

The species:-

N. commutata
N. conica
N. lactea
N. lactea subsp. corsica
N. maculata                
N. tridentata
N. tridentata x ustulata
N. ustulata  

This is a newly recognized genus of some seven European species, all of which have recently been reclassified and moved from the genus Orchis.

The species were all once part of the monophyletic Orchis tridentata group which had for many years been the subject of considerable research and study. The group was known to be  in many ways similar to the Orchis militaris group untill subsequent molecular analysis failed to support this position and threw up results that were contraditory but without being conclusive.Further study eventually led to their assignment to the genus Neotinea.

The genus typically has two ellipsoidal tubers, very short spurs, perianth segments that form a loose helmet and propagation tends most usually to be via self pollination.