John and Gerry's    Orchids of Britain and Europe

The genus Gennaria                     

: Gennaria - named in honour of P. Gennari an eminent                                        19th century botanist.                                                                                                                             

The species:-

G. diphylla

This is a single species genus with a distribution confined to the
Canary Islands and the western Mediterranean.

The characteristic feature of this orchid is the stem which bears two large, alternate leaves and its this attribute thats gives the   species its name "dyphilla". The root tubers of this genus lead a curious existence as during the flowering period there is a single tuber, whereas at all other times there are two.The fresh tubers are produced on long runners after the plant has fruited.

Gennaria dyphylla produces small yellow/green flowers in a long spike at the top of the stem, in the warmer parts of its range it can be in bloom as early as January.